Common Questions

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What? When? Where.?

All sessions are virtual through Telehealth. 

Most sessions can be scheduled within a week or two of today’s date.  You will want to check the client portal and stay update by text message for last minute cancellations. 

Sessions are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11am -5:15pm Eastern time. 

During busier weeks and months, you may notice that extra sessions are available on Mondays to help decrease wait times.  Recurring sessions won’t be scheduled on Mondays. 

Absolutely. Recurring sessions are common at Queer Talk.  Depending on when and how often you would like to meet, you may need to schedule individual sessions until your preferred spot becomes available.

All assessments and therapy sessions are paid at the time of service.  I work with several major insurance carriers as an “out-of-network” provider. You will want to check your benefits prior to the assessment.  You can learn more by visiting Fees and Superbills. 


Because the session time is reserved exclusively for you, Queer Talk requires 48 hour notice to cancel.  This allows enough time to offer the session to someone else. 

There is a fee for canceling your session after the 48 hour notice.  The fee is equal to your full session rate.  

60-minute individual sessions: $175

30-minute check-in sessions: $87.50

15-minute consultation: Free (for new clients only)


That is true.  All sessions are virtual by Telehealth or telephone. 

Who? How.?

A queer approach to counseling.

Adults. Exceptions can be made for adolescent clients on a case-by-case basis.  Schedule a free telephone consultation to learn more.

Absolutely.  A fair number of clients at Queer Talk identify as straight, heteroflexible, and non-LGTBQ.

Straight clients should expect a queer approach to counseling as well.

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

Queer Talk has been researched and designed to best meet the needs of queer identified individuals.

Partners may join in a single session at the agreement of the client and therapist. 

First, we relieve your anxiety about scheduling a session and speaking with a therapist.  

Second, you get to start the conversation on your terms.  You are in the lead.

You will get feedback, ideas, and some things to work on between sessions.

Sessions are interactive.  You should expect to hear your therapist’s ideas, too.

Cognitive Behavioral

Adlerian Psychology

Narrative Therapy

Emotionally Focused

Queer Theory

Critical Race Theory

Power, Privilege, and Oppression Theory

  1. Come prepared. You may want to consider what’s been on your mind the most lately.
  2. Take notes. Please. 
  3. Ask questions of your therapist. “How would you handle something like this?”
  4. Practice. For the love of all that is queer, please practice making changes in your life between sessions. The only way to have a different life is to live differently.

The world is changing. Therapy should too.

More About Queer Talk

In many ways, COVID is responsible for the evolution of Queer Talk.  Working remotely, I was to reconsider how and where to reach clients that best suit my approach to counseling.  With the closure of therapy offices during COVID, the need for more specialized and queer centric Telehealth grew exponentially.  COVID also gave birth to virtual mental health conglomerates with reputations for accessibility and lack-luster services for queer people.  I saw an opening and Queer Talk came to be.

Participation. In and out of session, the greatest reward is to know that clients are active in creating the life they want to live.  Sometimes, participation is incremental, and that is celebrated as much as a quick change.

From therapist to intern, Queer Talk is designed to elevate queerness across the board. You can expect a queer-identified person on the other end of your session.

Let's begin.

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