Letters of support for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Get your letter of support.

Perhaps you’ve reached out to your doctor or surgeon only to learn that you need assessments, documentation, and letters BEFORE you can even schedule a consultation for gender affirming care.

Finding competent and qualified gender affirming care is a slog.  But Queer Talk Therapy is here to make it easier in a few simple steps that can take less than an hour.  

Complete an online gender dysphoria assessment and then meet for 30 minutes with a therapist to evaluate your preparedness for HRT and/or gender affirming surgery.

We affirm and celebrate your gender experience.

Anyone who transitions genders or abandons gender altogether has done more soul searching than any other slice of the human population. 

You’ve reconsidered your name, pronouns, voice, posture, body hair, width, height, weight, hair, and how the world perceives you based solely on their interpretation of gender. 

We’ve finally reached a point in time that YOU get to say who you are and make decisions that are right for your body.

Queer Talk is here to help.

Whether you are searching for transgender therapy, gender affirming counseling, or a letter of readiness to begin your medical transition, you can finally say good-bye to hours of searching for resources and qualified providers.

Queer Talk Therapy’s gender affirming services are especially designed to ease your journey into full authenticity.

At Queer Talk Therapy is a space for you to tell your truth and be celebrated.  You can also use this time to gather other resources and have questions answered about medical care.

Live your truth.

Embrace and celebrate who you’ve always been and who you’re becoming. 

Queer Talk Therapy’s gender affirming services are specially designed to ease your journey into complete and beautiful authenticity.

 It’s time to tell your truth and be celebrated for who you are becoming.

Let me help you navigate this vital moment in your life.

Schedule you letter appointment.

Your most amazing days are ahead.  It’s time to summon the gumption to get on your way.

Schedule your assessment now and receive your letter of readiness for medical treatment on the same day.

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