Group Sessions

Group Sessions

Groups on Gender and Dating.

Supporting you where you are.

Queer Talk offers you two spaces to find support.

Gender Journeys: Are feeling extra isolated in your gender journey? Perhaps you are wondering how other people manage the peaks and valleys of transitioning, but are having a hard time trusting the information you are reading online, or would like someone to actively support you as you reconsider everything you’ve known about yourself and gender.

Dating While Queer: Queer dating is a unique experience that follows no rules and adheres to no construct.  So, how to queer-identified people find love?  It’s a process that can feel overwhelming, defeating, and hopeless at times.  However, it is possible to learn more about one’s own relationship template and have better dating experiences.   

An affordable way to receive professional support.

Do you have a PPO plan with one of the major carriers such as BCBS, Optum, United, Aetna, Cigna?  If so, you can use your benefits to cover the cost of therapy.  Please check with your insurance carrier to verify what they will cover.

If you need to pay “out-of-pocket” for groups, your fee will be $50.  

A few things to know about groups.

Groups will meet via Zoom, and privacy is a priority.  Members may not invite friends or family to the group sessions.

Individual sessions are optional for group members.

You will need a Zoom account to participate in groups.

Groups will be facilitated by Troy Johnson, LCSW.

Groups may, at times, include guest speakers, resource sharing, and formal activities to help support members in their transitions.

Interested in joining a group?

Please email Troy Johnson, LCSW at, and ask for more information about dates and times for group sessions.

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