What's new in 2023?

8 Years in Practice.

I’m sometimes surprised that I’m entering my eighth year in private practice. You’ve been with me for an important part of its evolution. There is a lot on the horizon in the new year, and I wanted to quickly share eight things that are important to our work together! 
1st Queer Talk – Rebranding
Troy Johnson Counseling is now Queer Talk Therapy1.  On Jan. 1, this change will be reflected in a new client portal address as well:
2nd Queer Literacy
I am launching an engaging and interactive continuing education program to help social workers improve the quality of services for Queer people across the country.
3rd Future Publications
You can look forward to my forthcoming book (He Touched Me:  Coming Out Queer in the Southern Baptist Church) and various new materials on advocacy and allyship.
4th A Consolidated Session Schedule 
I am consolidating my hours, leaving me more time to continue my education as a therapist, and for more time for Queer Literacy. Beginning January 1, therapy sessions will only be scheduled each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (and select Mondays).  I will also work to avoid large gaps in my work day, which means I will occasionally ask if you can meet an hour earlier or later.
5th Out-of-Network Benefits & Superbills
I am expanding my status as an “out-of-network” provider with most major PPO insurance plans.   The superbill claims process is simple, and many clients are very happy with their reimbursement rates. Visit my website for more information. Watch Queer Talk’s video about superbills! There is a cute dog involved.
6th Groups & 30 Minute Sessions
For clients who need access to Queer Talk therapy, but are unable to afford private pay rates, I am launching therapeutic support groups in December of this year.  Groups will be an affordable and effective alternative to full sessions and allow clients to hear from others who are on simple paths.  Also, 30 minute sessions will remain available at a 50% discount.  
7th Rate Adjustments
This rate adjustment reflects my approach to therapy, credentials, ongoing training, experience, and areas of expertise in comparison to area clinicians with similar professional profiles. As always, you can expect that I will continue to dedicate all my efforts to being the best therapist I can be for all my clients.
8th Simple Practice (Client Portal) App for Your Phone
Finally, Simple Practice has released an app for signing into the client portal where you can schedule appointments, check billing documents, and more. Look for “Simple Practice Client Portal” in your app store.
LGBTQ counseling and therapy online.

The Client Impact.

These changes may mean that some clients will need to modify how they access services with Queer Talk. We’ve been working on this, and are happy to announce therapeutic support groups and 30 minute sessions.

Trans Talk Support Group.

Get your trans audacity charged up! Trans Talk is a curated online space especially for trans adults who are making changes in their lives that honor their authenticity.  Regardless of where you are in your gender journey, you’ll be able to share your experiences with others, and gain support and encouragement.  

Authenticity Support Group.

The quest to live our most authentic life requires knowing our values, tapping into our resilience and a determination to be unaffected by the opinions of others.  One of the best ways to embrace our quirks and fabulosity is to share them with others. This group will leave you feeling emboldened and prepared to shine a bit brighter.

30 Minute Session.

Get the same level of therapeutic support in half the time and cost.  Clients who choose 30 minute sessions get a concentrated and highly focused session that can be as impactful and meaningful as an hour of therapy.

Questions and answers.

60 minute sessions are $175.

30 minute sessions are $87.

Gender Assessments and Letters are $200.

Groups will begin at $50.

Troy will offer a sliding scale on a limited basis.  If you are concerned about the session rate increase, please verify your out of network benefits soon. You may be able to receive a reimbursement.

30 minute sessions will always be 50% of the full session rate. 

Yes.  60 minute sessions are available weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. 

You may schedule 30 minute sessions on a more limited basis.  Please inquire for details. 

Sessions will be scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 12pm – 6pm Eastern. 

No. You can choose to pay for your sessions and not submit a superbill to your insurance.

You can count on the same quality of therapy that you have come to know already. You may notice a more authentic therapist on the on the other end of your session, though. 

Simply, sustainability and longevity.  Queer Talk is the evolution of Troy’s work as a therapist and an advocate for the queer community. These changes are about creating a therapy practice that can have a lasting footprint and help expand queer competent services to more clients.

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