We still face a lot of challenges.

Whether you are an urban dweller or a ranch rambler, being LGBTQ+ in a “straight world” isn’t easy.

No matter where you go, you’re interpreting heteronormativity into a queer framework.

This experience leaves you feeling abandoned and isolated by most of the world.

You’re tired of never feeling “good enough.”

Living as an LGBTQ+ person in an environment that overvalues straight lives has left you depressed and struggling to find your authentic path to happiness.

There was no validation or recognition of your queerness growing up, which left you utterly alone. 

You’ve struggled to find fulfilling relationships, a satisfying career, and a healthy family life.

As you meander into adulthood, you struggle to find an authentic sense of self and belonging.

Queer Talk Therapy is a safe space to discover yourself.

Start your journey to an authentic and embodied life in a queer space where no topic is off the table.

We’ll explore everything from what you value to what turns you on.

Live without apology as you develop tools with the unconditional support of a therapist who gets you.

Our therapy sessions are built on a foundation of contemporary queer theory and an evidence-based process for discovering your authenticity. 

You’re worth the investment!

I understand what you’re going through. Now let me help you live the fulfilling life that you deserve.

Restore your trust in a safe and supportive space.

Feel seen for your values by a therapist that understands your experience.

Live your life out loud with the complete audacity and unbridled authenticity you’re longing to share.

It's time you stopped suffering in silence.

Without queer-centric support, you might be leaning on the bottle or giving up altogether. 

Things won’t get better on their own.

You deserve the support of a fully competent and queer-centric therapist to get you on your way.

Love yourself and start enjoying the life and relationships you know are possible.

Accepting BCBS, Aetna, and United PPOs of IL.

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