Queer Talk?

Queering spaces opens new possibilities for straight and queer clients.

The world has changed. Shouldn't therapy change too?

Welcome, I’m Troy Johnson, LCSW, and my professional work is dedicated to providing accessible LGBTQ online therapy and helping allies break down barriers and create spaces that are open, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of those who identify as LGBTQAAI+.

Queer people are adaptive and I’m here to help you and your community learn how to meet the community’s evolving needs.  I offer affirming therapy for those who do and do not identify as LGBTQAAI+, and work with healthcare providers and colleges to improve awareness of the unique needs facing the queer community.

I also specialize in providing gender dysphoria assessments for those seeking to begin hormone replacement therapy or gender affirming surgery.  Assessments also include a letter of support for those who may be seeking hormone replacement therapy or gender affirming surgery. 

No matter how you identify, I invite you to take a moment to learn more about my approach to therapy and advocacy here in these pages.  Feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule a free consultation. 

LGBTQ therapy online

Queer Talk Therapy

I am credentialed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  I provide gender assessments and LGBTQ online therapy to clients in each state.  Telehealth counseling allows me to be available to clients who live in areas with few queer therapists or resources. 

Queer Literacy

Allyship is an earned role in the LGBTQAAI+ community, and one that should be active, informed, and visible.  Yet, allies also need safe spaces to ask questions, gain awareness, and identify opportunities that can elevate them from passive to activated participants in the LGBTQ+ movement.

Do you only work with LGBTQAAI+ clients?

I work with straight clients as well.  Interestingly, about half or more of my clients identify as straight or heterosexual.  

Straight clients often tell me they wanted to work with a gay therapist for a fresh and non-conventional perspective on their concerns and the patterns of their lives.  This is how “queering therapy” works!  My experiences as a gay therapist frame how I see relationships, personal freedom, authenticity, and trauma.   

Consultations, sessions, and check-ins through the client portal.