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Queer Talk Therapy

queer-identified humans and their allies.

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Queer Talk

Queer Therapy for Queer People

Straight people pay a fortune to solve "problems of privilege."

Isn't it time to invest equally in yourself?

Straight people pay a fortune to solve "problems of privilege."
Isn't it time that you invest equally in yourself?


Therapists who fail to share lived experiences with queer identities can do more harm than good. But, Queer Talk Therapy affirms and celebrates the wholeness of the queer experience. 

We are all made up of different identities.  

Whether queer, gender-fluid, poly, asexual, transgender, gender-nonconforming, liberal, atheist, or something else, it can be challenging coming to terms with who you are in a world that doesn’t want you.  

You no longer have to accept “straight” therapy for queer problems. Get help where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.



8 billion ways to be human,
and one way to be authentic.

Let’s face it. There is only one way to be you.  Fully you.  It can’t happen while apologizing for yourself, or trying to make other people comfortable around you.  Being you, the queerest, gayest, queeniest you takes an amount of courage that (definitively) no one else will ever have to conjure.  At Queer Talk, we’ve been there. We’ve walked in those shoes and lived to tell about it.


It takes profound courage to live unapologetically.

It’s difficult to be authentic in environments with strict expectations of how queer people should express themselves. Many queer people adjust how they live and try not to be “too much” to make others more comfortable.  

Minimizing queerness results in deep shame and isolation, leaving you feeling hopeless and invisible. But, it is possible to embrace the courage to let others be uncomfortable.


Queer Talk is adapting to a rapidly shifting world.

The world is changing, and therapy should, too. Queer Talk therapy incorporates contemporary queer theory and philosophies as well as evidence-based practices that can help you reach your goals.  

Queer Talk increases accessibility to competent queer therapy in a world where clients are seeking help on their terms.  Queer clients today want to hear a new perspective and have meaningful exchanges about their feelings and experiences. Queer Talk therapy pushes past “benevolent listening” to genuine understanding.


Developed especially for queer identified humans.

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